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MS Society is a community of people that pool their experience, expertise and voices to drive change and help people live more positively with MS. By coming together, we can provide care, share support, collectively campaign and commission life-changing research – all of which help us face the future with more confidence.

The MS Society was formed in 1953. We now have over 32,000 members, 5,500 volunteers give over 700,000 hours every year and 265 staff work in all 4 nations of the UK. More than 270 local groups support people with MS locally.

We believe in a future where we can stop MS in its tracks by:

  • Getting more research funded, more quickly, to make the greatest difference to the lives of people with MS, and prevent it in the future.
  • Ensuring people have access to treatments that can slow or stop the effects of MS.
  • Ensuring every single person affected by MS – those just diagnosed, those who have lived with it for many years, their families and their carers – has the support and friendship they need to stay positive, stay strong, and stay in control of their condition.

So together, we take action: researching, talking, signing, pledging, running, sharing, connecting … day in, day out. Because we know that these goals are achievable in our lifetime. We know that as a resilient community we are stronger.

We support health and care professionals by:

  • Providing expertise and support to develop and improve MS specialist services, ensuring that people with MS are involved throughout
  • Supporting MS specialists to retain their posts when under threat
  • Offering rich, reliable information for people affected by MS about treatment, care and support, in order to aide shared decision-making
  • Generating valuable evidence and insight to improve MS care and services through our research programme

We know that, together, we are strong enough to stop MS.