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  • The UKMSSNA is the recognised voice of MS Specialist Nurses and other MS Specialist Practitioners in the UK and is increasingly involved in decisions which affect MS Specialists at national level.  As a member you will have an input to the Association’s views and thus be able to influence the development of MS services both nationally and internationally. You do not have to be a nurse to be able to join – see below for details.
  • Access to the “Members only” section of this website which is password protected.  Only members are able to access it to share thoughts, ideas, views and best practice.  This website includes a Slide Library, examples of Protocols, Integrated Care Pathways and Guidelines  – valuable resources for MS specialists.
  • Access to the UKMSSNA Clinical Care Manual website which is a comprehensive source of information about MS and the clinical care of people affected by MS.
  • Full members of the UKMSSNA can be affiliated to the International Organization of MS Nurses (IOMSN).  Members get quarterly copies of the International Journal of MS Care and copies of new IOMSN publications.
  • The UKMSSNA Audit Tool for MS Nurses.  It includes a questionnaire for patients to complete, all the related documentation and an analytical tool using Microsoft Excel, which will produce graphs, charts, reports and a Powerpoint presentation.   The Audit Tool is available ONLY to UKMSSNA members.
  • E-mail updates with news, information, events.
  • Circulation of Members’ Queries about care of patients to tap into the knowledge and experience of fellow MS Specialists.
  • Members are encouraged to help with specialist projects such as developing the Slide Library and reviewing and updating online information about MS.
  • Your subscription is tax deductible.

To join the UKMSSNA you must meet one of the criteria set out below:

Full (voting) Member    open to MS Specialist Nurses and health and social care professionals whose principal professional interests and activities are devoted to the care of patients with multiple sclerosis, either through direct practice, research or education and residing in the United Kingdom.
Associate (non-voting) Member    open to any health or social care professional interested in MS care and the aims of the UKMSSNA.


The annual subscription is £30 if paid by Standing Order and £35 if paid by cheque or Paypal.

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Membership application 2016

Our structure

The UKMSSNA is run by a Management Committee of elected members, each representing one of 14 regions of the UK, chosen from the Full membership of the Association.  The committee meets three times a year and holds its Annual General Meeting at the MS Trust Conference every November.  Day-to-day running of the Association is carried out by our Administrator.